EXECUTIVE OFFICER Vice Admiral Vivian Sangraal

STATION POST Juvex Sector (Senex-Juvex Sector Group)

HQ Telos Fleet Command


  • Chief of Staff: Rear Admiral Sheridan Val Kliestenon
  • Inspector-General: Rear Admiral Declan Visoroth
  • Air Marshal: Rear Admiral Princep Mazex
  • Admiral of the Reserves: Rear Admiral Gavin Rietzcourt
  • Fleet Commandant: Commodore Sheridan Webster-Merrit
  • General Armand Kiasarian


Fleet Admiral Veers (Flagship: ISD-II Imperium)

Vice Admiral Vivian Sangraal

1st Battle Group

Admiral Ryland Valtanan (Flagship: ISD-II Naphmark)

Vice Admiral Tygran Chercyra

1st Squadron: Commodore Maqualin Servitrion (ISD-II Immaculate)

  • 1st Line (Assault): Line Captain Albrecht Maxus (ISD Virtuous)
  • 2nd Line (Pursuit): Line Captain Ansgar Valgrave (ISD Liege)
  • 3rd Line (Recon.) : Line Captain Akinis Dominor (ISD Egregious)

2nd Squadron: Commodore Leihnart Rosland (ISD Maverick)

  • 4th Line (Assault): Line Captain Willard Fise (ISD Falconer)
  • 5th Line (Pursuit): Line Captain Brenner Lancing (ISD Dictum)
  • 6th Line (Recon.) : Line Captain Sulivan Kilgore (ISD Stalwart)

3rd Squadron: Commodore Oxford Chambers (ISD Iron Duke)

  • 7th Line (Assault): Line Captain Eugenius Suzara (ISD Eloquent)
  • 8th Line (Pursuit): Line Captain Carlist Ward (ISD Decimator)
  • 9th Line (Recon.) : Line Captain Haves Balamy (ISD Centurion Prime)

4th Squadron: Commodore Phyrus Gallatitan (ISD Exemplar)

  • 10th Line (Assault): Line Captain Angston Chambers (ISD Touchstone)
  • 11th Line (Pursuit): Line Captain Ulan Furse (ISD Quintessence)
  • 12th Line (Recon.) : Line Captain Generd Lexium (ISD Zenith)

2nd Battle Group

Admiral Falkirk Cyteron (Flagship: ISD-II Crusader I)

Vice Admiral Victren Shrike

5th Squadron: Commodore Leonce Tigerosa (ISD-II Sacrosanct)

  • 1st Line (Assault): Line Captain Valison Morian (ISD Arbitrator)
  • 2nd Line (Pursuit): Line Captain Byron Orlexus (ISD Imperil)
  • 3rd Line (Recon.) : Line Captain Lyus Starck (ISD Ascendancy)

6th Squadron: Commodore Sterling Exzeric (ISD Dynasticon)

  • 4th Line (Assault): Line Captain Chelore Mack (ISD Vestige)
  • 5th Line (Pursuit): Line Captain Fidus Salazex (ISD Exigency)
  • 6th Line (Recon.) : Line Captain Lorin Abraxis (ISD Paroxysm)

7th Squadron: Commodore Brunus Thagix (ISD Regency)

  • 7th Line (Assault): Line Captain Lermis Operion (ISD Obliterator)
  • 8th Line (Pursuit): Line Captain Jan Carigamon (ISD Requisite)
  • 9th Line (Recon.) : Line Captain Huronus Falazinen (ISD Valor)

8th Squadron: Commodore Archibald Talaborn (ISD Paragon)

  • 10th Line (Assault): Line Captain Lothar Viamark (ISD Insufferable)
  • 11th Line (Pursuit): Line Captain Mathus Couring (ISD Venture)
  • 12th Line (Recon.) : Line Captain Gentice Voltcisco (ISD Hindrance)

Fleet Reserve

Admiral of the Reserves: Rear Admiral Gavin Rietzcourt (Acting Flagship: ISD-II Monolith)

Commodore Priorus Cellestulain

1st Reserve Squadron: Commodore Permillian Schynemus (ISD-II Volition)

  • 1st Line (Assault): Line Captain Ester Mouzer (ISD Syndrome)
  • 2nd Line (Pursuit): Line Captain Asner Chassing (ISD Sequestrate)
  • 3rd Line (Recon.) : Line Jensen Witherhugh (ISD Convergence)

2nd Reserve Squadron: Commodore Mereth Pirezon (ISD Chauvinist)

  • 4th Line (Assault): Line Captain Edwin Vetri (ISD Cess of Majesty)
  • 5th Line (Pursuit): Line Captain Gharner Del’Doran (ISD Offender)
  • 6th Line (Recon.) : Line Captain Gaman Ovester (ISD Fervid)


  • The Battle of Anoth(1)

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