77th Task Force
General Information

Dolomar Daktren


Dark Star

Historical Information
Founding Date

19 BBY

Other Information

Galactic Empire

Exodus Information


The 77th Task Force was originally assigned to seek out and destroy pirates that dared to operate inside the Empire’s borders. The composition of the task force was always in flux due to Imperial Command calling away ships to support their wars against the New Republic, however the one constant was the task force commander, Dolomar Daktren, and his ship, the Dark Star. Despite the menial assignment, by all accounts the 77th was very good at its job and, thanks to Daktren’s leadership, undertook its duties seriously and professionally.

After Daktren was promoted to Vice Admiral, the 77th was given more serious firepower and a new duty of rooting out corruption in the Empire. So far the 77th has proven itself to be very capable in its new duties and has become both respected and feared throughout the Empire. During the later part of the Xen’Chi War, the 77th became part of the Rogue Fleet, but after the war was over and the Rogue Fleet was disassembled, the 77th returned to its prior duties.

Current Task Force CompositionEdit

Capital ShipsEdit


Notable SquadronsEdit

  • Midnight Squadron (TIE Defender)


Command StaffEdit


  • Colonel Rekor Chamsk (Dark Star)

Fighter CorpsEdit


  • Doctor Valira Prola (Dark Star)

Notable AccomplishmentsEdit

  • The dismantling and reorganization of the ISS.
  • Preventing an Imperial Order of Battle from falling into Xen'Chi hands through the work of a secret society working within the Empire. The society is also dismantled, although some members manage to escape custody.

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