The only city ever built on Barab I, Alater-ka was constructed by Captain Osted Alater to facilitate the Empire's needs on the planet and (surprisingly) to help the Empire protect the Barabel from exploitation at the hands of hunters.

Alater-ka is primarily a spaceport. The "city" aspect consists of the usual commercial and residential hangers-on that follow wherever a spaceport crops up, in addition to some Barab I-specific businesses such as shockboxer recruitment centers, mercenary agents, and hunting expedition travel agencies.

By the time the Empire left, enough off-worlders had established themselves in private business to keep the spaceport active, though a little run down. A few Barabel have caught on to the advantages of interstellar commerce and own businesses catering to off-worlders, but most work in low-paying service jobs such as cleaning and dock work. A visitor could spend all his time in Alater-ka and encounter more off-worlders than natives.

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