Alia DeRoon
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

15 BBY

Physical Description





186 cm

Hair Color


Eye Color


Force Sensitive


Personal Information

Blaster Rifle

Fighting Styles

Dim Wa



Political Information
Position / Rank


Current Affiliation

Black Star Confederacy

Exodus Information


Alia DeRoon-Thorn was the wife of Joran Thorn, one-time Empress of the Black Star Confederacy, and a member of the Confederate Senate.

Description Edit

Alia DeRoon was out of a poor family, and her rise to the position as Captain of the Guard was an immense pride to her family. Alia joined the Black Star Military Academy as a Navy Cadet at the age of 17, and worked hard to graduate. It paid off, when she graduated top of her class. She was immediately transferred to the Dread-class Battle Ship Avenger, where she served at Communications Officer for a year. While there, she befriended the two years older Daira Tel'Anh, who had also attended the academy, and the Avenger's commander, Admiral Joran Thorn.

After serving onboard the Avenger for a year, she transferred back to the Academy and joined the Army instead. She was transferred to the Confederate Commandos after graduation. At the age of 24, she had garnered the rank of Captain, and was transferred to the Presidential Guard. She served as a Guard for three years, before the old Captain retired. Astonished, Alia was chosen to succeed him.

Despite her relatively young age, Alia was an excellent commander, and whipped the Guard into an even better shape than before she succeded the old Captain.

In early 14 ABY, she began a relationship with Joran Thorn, a relationship that culminated in 15 and 16 ABY with their marriage, her crowning as Empress, and the birth of their son, Elwen.

After Joran's death in 17 ABY, Alia became the ruler of the Confederacy for a short time. After helping the Senate form a new Constitution, she abdicated her throne. She retained a seat in the Confederate Senate, however, in her capacity of ruler and Senator of the world Luxor.

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