Alpha 11 "Illion"
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32 BBY

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  • Mercenary
  • Wanderer
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ARC Trooper (former)

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"One man, but the right man for the job!"
— Alpha 11’s squad rallying call during the Clone Wars

Alpha 11 (32 BBY) was created during the early stages of the clone army’s development on Kamino as part of the second phase of ARC-troopers (Alpha class). Unlike the regular clones, the Kaminoans did not apply the standard behavioral and instinctual alterations to Alpha 11 or his 99 brothers.



Alpha 11 along with the other ARC clones went through extensive training from an extremely young age, and even had direct tutelage from infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett. Alpha 11, fully matured and trained at the age of 10 due to his accelerated growth, was put into temporary stasis until needed by the Galactic Republic.

Clone WarsEdit

Alpha 11 along with the other ARC troopers were released from stasis in the Battle of Kamino when the CIS army assaulted the clone facilities. The newly activated troopers were significant in the Republic’s victory over the droid armies on Kamino. It was not long before Alpha 11 was sent on a range of missions over the galaxy for the Republic, and he became well respected in his squad and relatively renowned amongst the Republic clone troopers – taking on the nick name of ‘Illion’. Some of the battles Illion was involved with were the victory at Muunilist under captain Fordo’s command, as well as the rescue of Hypori. Illion was involved in several over larger scale battles, and soon became a captain himself – given his own squad of ARC troopers.

Illion was recalled to the cloning facility towards the middle of the war for 'maintenance'. He was however kept in stasis for several months due to an apprent abnormality. He was the other ARC clone to have been through this maintenance, he however was not terminated or 'modified' and was instead awoken later to rejoin his squad in battle. This abnormality is rumoured to be age and growth related.

Although Alpha 11’s history in the later part of the Clone Wars, Order 66 in particular, are unclear at best - he was part of the newly formed Galactic Empire for several years before his retirement.


Alpha 11

Later LifeEdit

In progress...

Illion's Blaster

Illion's custom DC-17.


Illion possesses a heavily modified BlasTech Dur-24 wrist laser also capable of firing a selection of small, custom designed grenade canisters built in to his armour’s left gauntlet, whilst he has an extendable 14” vibro-blade attached to the his right. He is known to use an old Westar-M5 heavy repeating blaster and ARC Assault Rifle from the Clone Wars era. He also carries various other tools in his belt’s utility pouches - including power packs, a selection of various grenades, plasma flares and other useful items.

Illion’s custom DC-17 repeating blaster pistol.

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Ghost Ship

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