Anti-Enemy Droid
Production Information

Cylon Cybernetics


Battle Droid

Technical Specifications

3.2 Meters

  • Built In Heavy Blaster (Right Arm)
  • High Powered Blaster Cannon
  • Collapseable Vibro Sword
  • Personal Force Field Generator
  • Small Energy Shield (Left Arm)

Heavy Assault

Exodus Information

Cazzik (given to Cadden)

The Anti-Enemy Droid, or AE Droid, was the most appropriately named droid in the Cylon Imperium's, and later Crimson Empire's, army, and arguably the most dangerous. The AEs housed superior speed, intelligence, and armor plating than from their standard droid counterparts. They were technological marvels when it came to a robotic soldier.

AE Droids were equipped with a personal force field generator that they could activate at any time. When this force field was active, they could neither move nor return fire. However, they did have an energy shield on their left arm that could be used to block both energy bolts and melee weapons. In their right arm was a heavy blaser weapon. They carried large, high powered area of effect weapons as well as collapseable vibro swords. The AE Droids were the most advanced and dangerous battleground-specific droids in the Imperium's, and later Empire's, arsenal.

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