Arcanix Ghoul
General Information



Mammalian Aberration

  • Carnivore
  • Lithovore


Average Lifespan


Physical Information
Average Length

1.8 Meters

Average Weight

440 Pounds

Skin Colors


Eye Colors

Pale Yellow

Abilities Information
Force Sensitive


Special Attributes
  • Immune to Heat
  • Hunts with the Force
  • Excellent Sense of Smell
Societal Information
Common Affiliations

Cult of Shadow

Exodus Information


The Arcanix Ghoul, or Arc Ghoul for short, was created by the Darksider Sivter to deal with the problem of one of his earlier creations, the Molt Swimmer, overrunning Arcanix. The molt swimmers grew quickly and reproduced asexually, which, with no natural predators to keep them in check, meant that their numbers were quickly growing out of control. Something had to be done.

The arc ghoul is a combination of several creatures bonded through Sith alchemy. Sivter joined the Force hunting prowess of a vornskr to allow the ghoul to hunt on the dark planet, the resilience and relentlessness of a zucca boar, and just for aesthetics, the frightening visage and bloodcurdling howl of the howlrunner. To ensure that his new creation would be able to deal with the molten innards of a molt swimmer, he also grafted the native lava swimmer’s ability to withstand such temperatures - which he had also used to create the molt swimmer.

The arc ghouls proved to be quite effective in bringing down the molt swimmer numbers, surpassing all of Sivter’s expectations. So as not to repeat his mistake with the molt swimmers asexually reproducing, arc ghoul reproduction only happens once every standard galactic year and females only give birth to one pup so their numbers stay in check.

Like their primary prey, the molt swimmer, arc ghouls are able to derive sustenance from molten lava if they have to. This was a side effect of it being necessary for them to survive eating the molten innards of the swimmers. Their own insides are a similar temperature, making them immune to heat in the extremes, such as blaster fire.

Arc ghouls hunt in packs of three to seven. They are intelligent hunters, using their superior numbers to bring down larger prey. If, by chance, they can't find their prey through the Force, arc ghouls also have an excellent sense of smell that can separate their prey from the noxious and acrid fumes of Arcanix.

Arc ghouls are such efficient hunters that the Cult of Shadow often uses them as a test to rise in rank. Many a cultist that has been sent out into Arcanix’s wastes has fallen prey to a pack of these animals. The cult has also started to use them as trackers and attack animals, however all attempts to tame the animals beyond that capacity have been unsuccessful.

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