Production Information

Republic Sienar Systems


Marauder-class Corvette

Modified By
Technical Specifications
System Modifications
  • Improved Shielding
  • Improved Armor
  • Increased Automation

195 meters



Atmospheric Speed

850 kph

Hyperdrive Rating

Class 1

Backup Hyperdrive Rating

Class 3


2,000 SBD


1,000 RU

  • 8 Double Turbolasers
  • 3 Tractor Beam Projectors

6 X-wings

  • 100 Crew
  • 48 Gunners

80 (troops)

  • Diplomatic Vessel
  • Royal Transport
Latest Sighting

Laro Prime

Present for Battles/Events

Battle of Laro Prime

Known Owners

Jesika Doljian

Exodus Information


The Azrael, along with her support ship, the Corellian Gunship Holdover, were liberated from a pirate gang operating a little too close to Oremin. The Star Destroyer Tsunami was dispatched to destroy the pirates, capture the ships Kasr wanted, and make sure nobody escaped from the battle to tell about it. The pirates were simply chalked up as falling prey to the "ghosts" of the Chasm by the spacers who later discovered that the entire pirate base was gone.

The pirate vessels were given complete overhauls at the Oremin shipyard to bring their performance back up to factory standards in preparation for the upcoming Laro mission. Their names were changed from the vulgar pirate designations originally given to them, and a select crew was picked to begin training for the operation of both vessels.

The Azrael in particular was picked to be the command ship because it had a nice balance of speed, firepower, and functionality. X-wings were also purchased on the Invisible Market to supplement the loss of the pirate fighters that had manned her before. X-wings were chosen because they too offered a nice mix of speed, firepower, and functionality. Plus, TIE-class fighters would not have been appropriate for the mission profile.

With Jesika Doljian posing as a freedom fighter to free the Laro system from the eternal civil war it found itself in, Oremin's mission to acquire the Laro system was a complete success. As Doljian assumed the mantle of Queen over the newly formed Laro Order, the Azrael continued to serve as her command ship despite the fact that more powerful ships were available to her. The symbol of the Azrael as the liberator of Laro was a powerful one and something that came in handy as she unified the fledgling government against the disparate groups that challenged her rule. To ensure the new Queen’s safety, the Azrael was overhauled again with modifications to improve its performance.

Once the Laro Order had been stabilized and new ship designs were built, Doljian eventually transferred her command over to the Phalanx. However, the Azrael continues to serve as the Queen's personal transport when she wishes to go somewhere without mobilizing the fleet or during times when arriving with a huge warship such as the Phalanx would not be appropriate.

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