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Ballista Missile Boat
Production Information

Laro Order




Small Craft

Technical Specifications

10 meters

Maximum Acceleration

18 MGLT/s


140 MGLT

Atmospheric Speed

1,600 kph


65 DPF

Hyperdrive Rating

Class 1


30 SBD


15 RU

  • 1 Laser Cannon
  • 2 Concussion Missile Launchers
  • 2 General Purpose Launchers
  • 1 Pilot
  • 1 Gunner
Cargo Capacity

15 Metric Tons


1 Day

Other Systems

Advanced Targeting Computer

  • Bomber
  • Tactical Striker
Year Introduced

12 ABY


Laro Order

Exodus Information


Ballista Missile Boats are the most powerful fighters in the Laro Navy. They carry enough ordinance to destroy lighter capital ships and have powerful engines to propel them at speeds on par or exceeding most interceptors. The design philosophy behind the Ballista was to create a heavy bomber that would go against the norm. Instead of the slow and well-armored bombers that are commonplace across the galaxy, Laro wanted a bomber that could get in and out before the enemy knew what hit them and do appreciable damage at the same time.

Accordingly the Ballista is much more fragile than comparable bombers and not as maneuverable as starfighters that reach the same speeds. Most Ballista tactics call for striking quickly and then getting out of the combat zone before enemy defenses can retaliate.

Although the Ballista can be modified to fit specific missions, the standard armament for the fighter is for the two retractable missile bays to be stocked with concussion missiles, and the two top mounted bays to carry something heavier - usually proton torpedoes. A single laser cannon in the snout helps to repel enemy fighters that get too close. Jutting from the side of the cockpit is an advanced targeting computer that helps the fighter make precision strikes.

Because it shares several similarities to the Imperial Gamma Class XM-1 Missile Boat, the Ballista is often dubbed the "Laro Missile Boat."

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