Battle of Svea

Battle of Finarl

Grey Worlds Campaign


14 ABY


Finarl System


Confederate Victory


Grey Worlds Alliance

Black Star Confederacy


King Othar Kinslayer

First Admiral Daira Tel'Anh

  • 4 Shadow-class Cruisers
  • 72 Nightwing Fighters
  • ~500,000 soldiers
  • 4 Shadow-class Cruisers
  • 72 Nightwing Fighters
  • ~200,000 soldiers
  • 9 Tyr Heavy Space Fighters
  • 3 Loki Interceptors
  • ~34,000 Army troopers
  • ~1,100 drop troopers

The Battle of Finarl began when the Confederacy launched a two-pronged assault on the Finarl and Dacia systems.

The BattleEdit

The Battle of Finarl was less of a battle and more of a one-sided annihilation. With most of their fleet assembling at the Norico system, the space defenders of Finarl were outmatched, but still managed to put up a valiant, if futile, fight.

The ground battle was equally one-sided. The Finarl defenders were caught in their barracks by massive drop pod assaults, and were able to put up only meager resistance. Surgical strikes by SAS teams against vital points in the Dacian defence ensured the quick surrender of the defenders. At the end of the battle, some 30,000 soldiers of the defence force were dead or wounded, and the rest was marching into POW camps. In contrast, the Confederate forces lost only some 9,000 dead or wounded. It was a marvellous victory.


These are the primary characters whom participated in the battle.

Grey Worlds AllianceEdit

King Othar Kinslayer

Black Star ConfederacyEdit

Participating ThreadsEdit

Black Star Confederacy: The Legacy of Ke'rath

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