Battle of Gargon


Second Battle of Mechis III

Battle of Taylon

New Mandalorian Crusade


15 ABY


Taylon, The City of the Jedi


Mandalorian Protector & Jedi victory


Mandalorian Protectors allied with Jedi

Cylon Imperium

"What we do today... will be echoed in history...."
Cadden Blackthorne

The Battle of Taylon was the biggest battle Mandalore Cadden Blackthorne's Protectors had to face, and one of the toughest, as well. Pitted up against a large army of droids of various combat classes, the Protectors allied with the Jedi in making a stand against Kamulos's forces.

The BattleEdit

The Battle of Taylon started out as a catastrophic uphill battle for the Jedi warriors residing at the City of the Jedi. However, during the peak of the seeming inevitable Cylon victory, the Mandalorian Protectors arrived to change the course of battle in favor of the Jedi. All of the Cylon commanders were defeated during the conflict. Cadden Blackthorne managed to defeat K471. Jerik Blackthorne killed the Dark Jedi, Raven. Guan Blackthorne killed the Dark Jedi, Azriel. The Mandalorian warrior Garen Starfall defeated Kir Varrus and Sion killed the Dark Jedi Master, Raze. Jedi Master Cazzik Wyn and his apprentice Jessica Sterling managed to operate the city's defensive capabilities and destroy the entire enemy fleet in orbit. However, the pair also, unknowingly, released a very dangerous life form from her containment cell; Eve.


These are the primary characters whom participated in the battle.

Mandalorian Protectors & JediEdit

Cylon ImperiumEdit

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