Bold Venture
Production Information

Hoersch-Kessel Drive


Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer


Capital Ship

Modified By

Hoersch-Kessel Drive
Nardan Space Manufacturing

Technical Specifications

1,088 meters


198 meters


374 meters

Maximum Acceleration

2,500 g

Atmospheric Speed

1.050 kph

Hyperdrive Rating

Class 1.5

Backup Hyperdrive Rating

Class 10

Present for Battles/Events

Clone Wars

Known Commanders

Lenara Disavio

Exodus Information


Originally, the Bold Venture was a separatist warship participating in the Clone Wars. It went through a number of owners and was eventually halfway modified into an exploration vessel before the commissioning party was shut down by imperial authorities. Hoersch-Kessel Drive used the ship as a testbed for new technology and as cargo and personnel transport for some years until new owners could be found.

Those new owners were a conglomerate of numerous corporations and persons of note with interests in the Unknown Regions, specifically around the Black Star Confederacy, Ardustaar and the Jade Empire. The Bold Venture was to fulfill the role its modifications were intended for - the exploration of unknown planets and systems, specifially the so-called Blood Worlds.

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