Brethren of the Black Moon
General Information



Orayne Nix

Notable Members
Historical Information
Formed From

Eldar Species

Founding Date

100 BBY

Other Information
Exodus Information


The first rank Hunter tribe, the Brethren of the Black Moon is the tribe who has the most members allowed to leave Eldar territory to serve the Duke of the House of Muir. Acting as bodyguards, special agents, and SpecOps soldiers, members of the Brethren of the Black Moon have acquitted themselves well within the structure of the Muir.

The hunters and huntresses of the Brethren of the Black Moon are some of the best killers and pathfinders of the Eldar. Infact, their skills would be on par with that of the Imperial SpecOps forces or the NR Marines. Trained in an Eldar only hand to hand combat style known as Shin Go Kyrin, the members of the tribe can take down almost anyone.

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