Cadden Blackthorne Attacks Bilbringi

Galactic Civil War



  • Bilbringi
  • Hoth
Affiliations Involved

Cadden Blackthorne's Attack on Bilbringi was an initially successful terrorist strike against the Empire that ended with the fall of his company and almost his life. It is also sometimes known as the Battle of Bilbringi.

Perpetrated by Cadden and a large group of mercenaries under the shield of Blackthorne Enterprises, it involved a suicide plunge of a small cruiser into the planetoid, causing mayhem as highly explosive materials lit off, decimating the Imperial population and civilian alike.

The Imperial response was effective. Then Captain Banner Ton led a small battle group to hunt down the terrorists, who were found in the Hoth System, and were almost completely destroyed.

It was thought that Cadden was killed in the battle as well, but he would later resurface.

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