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  • Temple of Illumination
  • Temple of the Twilight
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Chalacta is a Mid Rim world known for the Chalactan Adepts.

Exodus History Edit

After the conquest of Coruscant, the Empire was ousted by New Republic forces. These forces left at the beginning of the Xen'Chi Conflict to reinforce other worlds. This allowed the extremist pro-Empire organisation known as the Golden Otop to flourish, and the small Republic garrison was eventually ousted by the Golden Otop.

The Golden Otop began to consolidate their power, mostly through violent means. Over 20,000 people disappeared the first month, another 40,000 following the month after. Eventually, a local politican named Tzek Dekat discovered that the Golden Otop planned to return to the Imperial fold. Determined to put a stop to it, he formed a small resistance group called the Old Order. A week later, he disappeared.

Tzek's children, Idrish and Kas Dekat, left the planet in search for help. They found it in the unlikely guise of the Brotherhood of the Twilight.

Locations Edit

  • Temple of the Twilight - less of a temple and more of a school, the Temple of the Twilight is the current home of the Brotherhood of the Twilight. It was built by the Chalactans in gratitude of the help given by the Brotherhood during the rebellion against the Golden Otop.

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