Dark storm
Confined Dark Force Storm
Common Affiliation

Dark Side





  • Dampens Light Side Connection
  • Force Lightning
  • Intense Winds
  • Zero Visibility
Known Variations


Exodus Information


First created by the Darksider known as Sivter, the Confined Dark Force Storm is not strictly a true Force Whirlwind, but it can be just as devastating in its own way. Only truly powerful masters of the Dark Side have any hope of learning this formidable and difficult ability.

The Confined Dark Force Storm, if successfully created, alters the environment within it in several ways. A large, stormy half sphere of variable size will encompass the user and anyone else unfortunate enough to be caught in the radius. The border of the storm is created by a barrier of intense winds and dark clouds that make it nearly impossible for anyone to get in or out, let alone see or hear what is happening.

The inside of the storm is pitch black and supercharged enough by such a major corruption of the Force that the user can direct Force Lightning from anywhere inside the storm. The user is also able to control the speed and direction of the winds of the storm. Since it is a massive display of the power of the Dark Side, the confined storm has the effect of dampening a Forcer’s ability to call upon the Light Side of the Force if they are trapped inside.

The creator of the storm has absolute control of nearly every aspect of the storm and as such it requires a great deal of concentration and power from the user to maintain. If their concentration is broken, the storm will dissipate instead of raging out of control. It is almost impossible to use other advanced Force powers while controlling the storm, but the user is able to move around and use basic Force powers if their power and concentration is great enough.

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