Constable-class Enforcement Cruiser
Production Information


Product Line

Enforcer Series




Subcapital Ship

Technical Specifications

30.1 meters

Maximum Acceleration

13 MGLT/s



Atmospheric Speed

1,000 kph

Hyperdrive Rating

Class 1

Backup Hyperdrive Rating

Class 16


200 SBD


120 RU

  • Quad Laser Cannon Turret (dorsal)
  • Twin Blaster Cannons (forward)
  • 2 Laser Cannons (forward)
  • 2 Ion Cannon (forward)
  • 2 Warhead Launchers (forward)


Minimum Crew


  • 4 Troops
  • 8 Prisoners
Cargo Capacity

50 Metric Tons


2 Months

Exodus Information


The Constable-class Enforcement Cruiser was a result of MandalMotors' Project Enforcer, a design study to develop better craft for Mandalorian security and military forces. While the smaller Pursuer is known for its speed and agility, the ship is somewhat lacking in internal space for crew, cargo and consumables. Taking a rather simple - and cheap - approach of merging two Pursuer hulls together resulted in the Constable-class.

Though still small compared to other ships, the Constable was quickly proven to be an excellent sibling to the Pursuer. Larger crew spaces, cargo bay, and consumables storage were fitted, making longer and more comfortable patrols and journeys possible. Though heavier, the cruiser had two sets of the same engines used on the smaller craft, letting it easily keep up with its older sister. The extra stabilizer wing also gave better handling in combat maneuvers. And, most impressive of all, was the fact that the cruiser effectively had double the firepower of the Pursuer, allowing it to threaten even the corvettes and gunships of the better equipped criminal groups.

Combat experience from Mandalorian squadrons before and during the Clone Wars showed that a wolf pack of two Constables - one usually acting as a flagship with a senior officer onboard - four Pursuers, and fighters, could easily chase down and outgun pirates and smugglers, and sniff out and destroy probes and scout groups from Republic forces. Typically, the cruisers would - to use an infantry term - provide a base of fire, while the Pursuers would herd the targets, and the fighters chase down anything that broke away from the group. During solitary missions, the cruiser would earn its name by carrying a senior law officer and deputies, and serving as a base during patrols and investigations.

But, despite its abilities, the Constable's success suffered from the success of its progenitor. Many security groups were simply looking for a fast ship to chase down smugglers and pirates, not a gunboat or squadron flagship. Also, as well as being twice the size of the Pursuer, the cruiser was around twice the price. Most groups opted to buy four Pursuers instead of just two Constables. Fortunately, sector rangers and law officers did find the cruiser's room and range more advantageous than its smaller sibling, and purchased the ships for their patrol duties. Even Antarian Rangers were known to buy the craft, before the Mandalorians sided with the Separatists in the Clone Wars. There were several incidents of Mandalorian cruisers engaging Ranger or even Jedi piloted Constables, which was always a sight to behold. Many Constables are still in operation today, operated - like the Pursuer - by rangers, planetary security, bounty hunters, and mercenaries.

When Mandalore Cadden Blackthorne reunited the clans, he contracted MandalMotors to begin production on this invaluable craft, realizing its great potential to serve the Mandalorian war effort.

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