Arc Corrupter
General Information



Insectoid Avian Aberration





Average Lifespan


Physical Information
Average Length

4 Meters

Average Weight

90 Pounds

Skin Colors


Eye Colors

Light Blue

Abilities Information
Force Sensitive


Special Attributes
Societal Information
Common Affiliations

Cult of Shadow

Exodus Information


The aptly named Corrupter is one of the most devious alchemic creations made by the Darksider known as Sivter. The corrupter is a living crucible, able to convert the elements it takes in through the special horn-like scoop atop its head and convert them through a complex series of organs into Sith Poison, which it then expels through holes in its exoskeleton into Arcanix’s atmosphere. With the effects of the Sith poison ever-present in the air, it ensures that none of the Cult of Shadow’s cultists ever have second thoughts about using the Dark Side.

Once in the air, the corrupter never touches the ground again, spending its entire life filter feeding in the atmosphere. It stays aloft by taking in the lighter than air gases and storing them in organic sacs hidden under its exoskeleton. The corrupter has minimal intelligence, completely unaware of the effect of the poison it continually spews out. Its lightweight but durable exoskeleton helps to protect the corrupter from falling debris from Arcanix’s many volcanoes.

Corrupters are so specialized that they can’t reproduce naturally. Every new corrupter has to be cloned or created in a lab and then released into the wild.

While not dedicated weapons of war like some of Sivter’s other creations, the ability of the corrupter to distribute Sith poison has not been lost to the cult as they look to other worlds to spread the power of the Dark Side.

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