Crimson Guard
Production Information

Sienar Fleet Systems


Royal Guard TIE/in Starfighter

Modified By
Technical Specifications

9.8 meters

Maximum Acceleration

26 MGLT/s


138 MGLT

Atmospheric Speed

1,560 kph

Engine Units

Twin Ion Engines

Hyperdrive Rating

Class 1


43 SBD


25 RU

  • 4 Heavy Laser Cannons
  • 2 Missile Launchers (4/ea)

1 Pilot

Cargo Capacity

25 kg

  • Interceptor
  • Space Superiority Fighter

Vex Salder

Known Owners

Vex Salder

Known Aliases

Crimson Fury

Exodus Information


The Empire, at the behest of Lord Vader, has spent countless man hours tweaking the designs of their TIE engines. Naturally only the highest ranking pilots have access to these state of the art engines and panel designs. The Imperials have also taken a cue from their Rebel equals by incorporating color in the design of their Royal Guard Interceptor, using a deep red paint to impart a menacing and fearsome feeling to all challengers.

This rare starship borrows the distinctive crimson color of the Emperor's Royal Guard. It is believed that the craft were commissioned by the Emperor himself – most likely via contract with a clandestine subsidiary of the Sienar Fleet Systems manufacturing interest. The objective was to create a more powerful and more maneuverable version of the TIE Interceptor available exclusively to the Emperor’s Royal Guard. The custom hue of the durasteel plating indicates that the pilot is one of the Emperor’s personal guards and is intended to drive fear of certain death into the hearts of any potential aggressor.

Vex Salder's TIE Interceptor, the Crimson Guard, is believed to be the last of this design. Though possibly capable of making more, since Sienar was only contracted to make a limited number, as since these craft were intended for a select few individuals, it is unlikely that any others could possibly be made. Likely, considering Imperial tactics, the ship plans were either acquired by remaining Royal Guardsmen, or destroyed.

Due to this complication, Vex has taken great care to ensure his craft isn't damaged. Should it fall under unfortunate circumstances, he knows his limits, and will pull the ship out of battle, knowing full well that a replacement is out of the question.

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