Daira Tel'Anh
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

17 BBY

Physical Description





180 cm

Hair Color


Eye Color


Force Sensitive


Personal Information

Blaster pistol



Political Information
Former Affiliation

Confederate Navy

Current Affiliation

Black Star Confederacy

Exodus Information


Daira Deronin (maiden name Tel'Anh) was a former First Admiral-turned-politician in the Black Star Confederacy. She was married to First Admiral Julius Marcus Deronin from 15 ABY.

Military Life Edit

Daira Tel'Anh was the daughter of famous ship designer Hikos Tel'Anh. She grew up in a large mansion, and listened in when her father has colleagues over to discuss their newest projects.

Daira joined the Black Star Military Academy at the age of 19. She graduated top of her class, and was transferred to the Dread-class Battle Ship Avenger, where she received a position as Sensor Officer. She soon befriended the Communications Officer, Alia DeRoon, and the ships commander, Admiral Joran Thorn.

After serving onboard the Avenger, Daira was given a command onboard the Iron Duke-class Destroyer Decisive, where she served for two years, earning a Presidential Citation, before being promoted to Captain and given command of the Predator-class Interdictor Frigate Warbird. At the age of 27, she was given command of the Skaadi-class Cruiser Storm Chaser. Her intricate knowledge of the ships workings (her father designed the class), gave her a unique advantage, and at the age of 29, she was promoted to First Admiral and given command of the 2nd Expeditionary Fleet - later renamed Red Fleet, then Second Fleet.

She served in the Grey Worlds Campaign where she received the Distinguished Service Medal for her actions. She continued to command the Second Fleet from her flagship, the Dread-class Battle Ship Advancer, until 16 ABY, when she retired and was appointed Regional Governor of the Rezna Province by Emperor Thorn. She married her former XO, Julius Marcus Deronin, in 15 ABY.

She served as a governor for well over a year, but when the position was dissolved in 17 ABY, she entered politics, becoming a Senator for Killian.


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