Dangerous-class Destroyer
Production Information

Muir Corporation




Capital Ship

Technical Specifications

500 meters

Maximum Acceleration
  • 4 MGLT/s (sections combined)
    • 1 MGLT/s (ring)
    • 5 MGLT/s (main hull)
  • 12 MGLT (sections combined)
    • 2 MGLT (ring)
    • 14 MGLT (main hull)
Hyperdrive Rating

Class 1

Backup Hyperdrive Rating

Class 12

  • 1,950 SBD (sections combined)
    • 700 SBD (ring)
    • 1,250 SBD (main hull)
  • 500 RU (ring)
  • 650 RU (main hull)
  • 16 Turbolaser Batteries
  • 40 Concussion Missile Launchers
  • 10 Assault Concussion Missile Launchers
  • 8 Ion Cannons
  • 20 Heavy Rocket Launchers

36 Starfighters (docking points)



Minimum Crew



3,000 (troops)

Cargo Capacity

5,800 Metric Tons




Muir Corporation

Exodus Information


The Dangerous-class Destroyer is based off of the Perilous-class Destroyer. It is a more heavily armed and more heavily armored vessel, but lacks the performance of the original, and is more expensive.

The ring section is a far thicker, wider, and longer piece of hull. Much of this added space goes towards replacing the original missile launchers with vastly bigger assault missile launchers. At each of the cardinal points, a short pylon connects to a pod with 10 normal concussion missile launchers. The quad laser cannons have been stripped, in favor of even higher-powered targeting sensors to add lethality to the missile launchers. Targeting data from the main hull, usually much closer to the enemy than the ring, can be relayed back and coordinated with the input from these sensors for a downright scary level of accuracy.

The rocket launchers have been moved from the front of the hull to bulges on either side of the hull, doubled in number, and replaced with normal, full-range rocket launchers (though at the cost of the sheer power of the infighting launchers). Although the ship has not increased in length, both sections have increased in size. The space used for the original rocket launchers has been filled by a supplemental power generator, supplying additional energy weapons. The Dangerous places more emphasis on heavy weapons than the Perilous. It also returns to the hideously uncomfortable troop accommodations of the Perilous Mark I. Furthermore, strips of hull plating along the sides of the ring allow for external docking points for a third fighter squadron. The Dangerous shares with the Perilous the severe disadvantage of having no repair or rearmament capability for its fighters.

The extendable maneuvering wings of the Perilous have been enlarged here, and packed with repulsorlift units, to allow the hull segment of the ship to fly in an atmosphere like a VSD. The troops, who are quartered in the ring section, can be packed into the corridors of the main hull section for atmospheric landing. Combine the troops made possible by the ring arrangement, the assault launchers, and the ability of the main hull to fly in an atmosphere, and one has a terrifying platform for planetary attack.

Where the Perilous separated its sections for incredible performance, the Dangerous uses the same maneuver to achieve merely acceptable performance with a very heavy weapons load. In effect, the Dangerous functions more like a cruiser-class vessel. It also has similar cost to one.

Note that the Dangerous' armament makes it a volatile ship; it is less rugged and reliable than the older Victory Star Destroyer.

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