Dark Justice
General Information

Cadden Blackthorne


Rogue Star

Historical Information
Founding Date

14 ABY


15 ABY

Other Information

Xen'Chi Dominion

Exodus Information


Dark Justice was the crew assembled by Cadden Blackthorne and Neddac prior to Cadden's interaction with the Jedi and Cazzik Wyn, prior to his journey to become Mandalore. It consisted of Cadden Blackthorne, Neddac, Romenov Zarathan, Isis Sinclair, Arkol, and Raptor Duk-Val. Late additions included the Falleen Xhander, Xandrea, and Deranz Tryce. Their goal, prior to Cadden meeting Teslar Maladan, was to become capable enough to sneak behind Xen'Chi lines and perform covert ops against the rising threat. However, the group disbanded prematurely when Cadden left them on Holoworld III, and went their seperate ways.

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