Darth Miasmus
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Date of Birth

92 BBY

Physical Description






Hair Color

Dark brown fur

Eye Color


Personal Information

Jedi Order


Lightsaber pike


WR-542 Blue Milk Run

Darksider Information

Sith Lord



Lightsaber Information
Lightsaber Types

Lightsaber pike

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Mastered Lightsaber Styles
Proficient Lightsaber Styles
Limited Lightsaber Styles
Political Information
Current Affiliation

Sith Empire

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Darth Miasmus is a Farghul Dark Lord of the Sith within the Sith Empire. He is not in charge of a particular world, nor does he wield a great deal of authority within the Empire, but he is an agent of the Empire, performing underhanded deals, assassinations, political manipulation, and outright war when called upon. He has financial and political ties to numerous criminal organizations, including some on Questal and Ord Radama. He pressured the Khil smuggler Shefar Authir to transport him from Ord Radama to Questal in 18 ABY.


Miasmus stands at nearly two meters in height. He is covered in dark brown fur, but he has Sith runes all over his body; his fur was burned away and his skin scarred in the runic designs, and these scars were then darkened with the methods of Sith tattooing. Only his face lacks these tattoos.

He wears black and gray armor plates covering his shoulders, wrists, and his body from the waist down. He also wears a loose, flowing black cloth wrapped around torso and hanging past his waist. He has several bejeweled golden tailrings and a black leather headdress. The headdress appears primarily decorative, but it has been imbued with Sith magics to give him heightened awareness, telepathy, and Force sense abilities.

Force AbilitiesEdit

Although trained originally as a Marauder, Miasmus acquired many of the Force abilities and skills of Assassins and Sorcerers during his climb through the ranks of the Sith Empire. He has limited proficiency in the Sith magics of False Light Side Aura, Spell of Concealment, Drain Knowledge, and Illusion, as well as the Dark Side powers Mind Twist, Force Grip, Force Drain, and Force Lightning. He has been known to use the powers of Force Cloak, Force Concealment, Battle Precognition, and Battlemind.


Miasmus wields a lightsaber pike, but its design is closer to a halberd. The long staff, constructed of phrik alloy, sports a sharp ax-head near the end. A lightsaber blade extends half a meter from the end of the staff and along the edge of the ax-blade. Miasmus rarely activates his lightsaber blades, since the halberd is already a deadly weapon in its own right.

For the lightsaber blades, he used Firkrann and Opila crystals; as a result, the blades have an opalescent color and are occasionally unstable with electric energy.

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