Decura was the official language of the species known as Decuri.

Decura had both a spoken and written form. The spoken form was harsh and guttural, and was spoken forcefully.

Decuri could easily learn to speak Basic, and usually spoke Basic with non-Decuri, but they did not use it among themselves.

The written language used the Aurebesh script.

Known words and phrasesEdit

  • Arbét - The Light Side.
  • Darkona - Traitor
  • Do - Yes.
  • Doso - Master
  • Kel'thir - An oath. Used like "damn".
  • Ne - No
  • Phun - Demise
  • Sindi - The Dark Side.
  • Zhil - to float
  • Zhilaac - floating; present form of Zhil

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