Denari-class Superiority Aerofighter
Production Information



Atmospheric Fighter

Technical Specifications
Maximum Speed

9,000 KPH

  • 2 Laser Cannons
  • 1 Concussion Missile Launcher

1 Pilot


Air Superiority


Kingdom of Naboo

Exodus Information

Maul Junior

The Denari-class Superiority Aerofighter is a variant of the highly successful, yet aging N-1 Starfighter series. The Denari has swept-back wings, as opposed to the N-1's perpendicular wings, for better and faster atmospheric travel.

Powered by twin fusion reactors located in the middle of the fuselage, the Denari is built for speed, and, because of this, has only two laser cannons and a missile bay that can only hold two concussion missiles. However, this is not to say that the Denari is weak. By far, the Denari is the fastest and most maneuverable of the Naboo aerofighters, capable of speeds over 9,000 kph.

However, Denari pilots rely on their maneuverability and speed rather than shields and armor for survival. Denari pilots are the elite of the Naboo Aerofighter Corps.

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