Deresnovian Alliance
Political Information
Type of Government


Head of State

Kir Nayrus

Head of Government

Kir Nayrus


Kir Nayrus

Executive Branch

Emperor's Office

Legislative Branch

Deres Council

Judicial Branch

Emperor's Office

Societal Information


Official Language

Galactic Basic Standard



Historical Information
Policy Information
Exodus Information


The Deresnovian Alliance is a small planetary government that controls the system of Deresnova. The government cntrols the people with a tight fist, and there have been numerous rebellions over the years, all put down. Broken up and refomed throughout the years, the government was consolidated most recently by Dolphenus. He only reigned as the king of a united Deresnova for a few weeks, before being deposed by Kir Nayrus, who assumed the title. Since Kir took over control of the government, he has instituted massive reforms and sweeping changes to try to help the people and to make their lives better, something that no other ruler had done before, instead choosing to exploit the people for their own personal gain.

More Coming Soon

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