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0 BBY – 5 ABYEdit

Devina Rey was born shortly after the Battle of Yavin, on the planet named Cecil's Moon. Her parents, two Rebels who had fallen in love, were members of the Eden Alliance.

Devina's early life was a hectic one as her family moved from world to world, in search of a new home. Her earliest memories are of space travel, as the Eden Alliance was attacked again and again by Gargolus, Venix, the Imperial Admiral Felsk, and others. Each time, her home was uprooted, and moved.


Devina Rey was orphaned at an early age.

5 ABY – 6 ABYEdit

When Devina was five years old, the Eden Alliance returned to Cecil's Moon. Her parents beat their proverbial swords into plowshares, and took up the simple life of farmers, content to settle down after years of running and fighting the Empire. Devina began to attend school, and showed the first signs of Force sensitivity. She felt safe, and finally had a place to call home.

7 ABY - 8 ABYEdit

All that changed when Gait attacked Cecil’s Moon. Thousands of mechanical spiders overwhelmed the defenses of the main city, and only the Jedi were able to stem the tide. During this fight, both of Devina's parents were killed. That sense of safety was shattered as Devina was left an orphan, like so many others. Cecil's Moon had no foster care system, only a collection of orphanages. She retreated into herself, and in so doing, retreated into the Force.

9 ABY - 11 ABYEdit

Nine years after the Battle of Yavin, Cameo Naton and a handful of other Jedi began their own academy on Cecil's Moon. As they sought out students, Cameo Naton went to the various orphanages, seeking out any Force sensitives that might otherwise be overlooked. Remembering how the Jedi fought to defend the people, particularly her parents, Devina opened up a little. It was enough that Cameo noticed her presence in the Force, and he invited her to come to the dojo, and train with the other children. She accepted, and committed her life to becoming like those who fought for life, instead of death.


Devina Rey's childhood improved a great deal once she was discovered by the Jedi.

12 ABY – 15 ABYEdit

Devina trained constantly, wanting to be the best Jedi she could be. She showed a strong awareness of the living Force. In 12 ABY, Cameo Naton noticed her progress, and chose to take her on as his padawan apprentice. From then on, she would go on missions with her Master, and the training intensified. In 15 ABY, when Cameo Naton went to Midpoint Station for the Jedi Convention, and she accompanied him. It gave her a thrill when she realized her Master had been chosen to lead all the Jedi.

Currently, Devina Rey continues to serve as Cameo's apprentice, and is preparing to face the trials. She also serves administrative duties for Master Naton at Jedi Council meetings, and hopes to do her part in the fight against Gait and the Xen'Chi.

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