General Information

Barab I







Physical Information
Average Height

6 Meters

Average Weight

7 Tons

Scale Colors

Brown and White

Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Force Sensitive


Special Attributes
  • Whiplike Tentacles with Paralyzing Venomous Barbs
  • Flexible and Durable Body
  • Excellent Sense of Smell
  • Large Field of Vision / Night Vision
Societal Information
Common Affiliations


The top predator on Barab I. The Durgolosk can grow to be three times as large as the average Barabel and is every inch an unrelenting killer. With teeth five inches long, a body that can twist nearly 360 degrees, two whiplike tentacles tipped with paralyzing venomous razor-sharp barbs, and an incredible range of vision thanks to it's six eyes, no other creature can compete with it. The only thing on Barab I that hunts the durgolosk are the Barabels themselves.

Durgolosks are exceptionally tough, able to take an enormous amount of damage and still keep coming. They can also be surprisingly stealthy for creatures their size, able to blend into their surroundings and ambush prey when they need to. Like a lot of lifeforms on Barab I, the durgolosk has excellent vision in the dark. It's sense of smell can track prey over great distances.

Fortunately for the rest of the creatures on Barab I, durgolosks sleep more than they hunt. However, when they do decide to eat, they are ravenous, eating anything they can catch and stuff into their maws. They have no territory and roam freely while on the prowl.

Bringing down a durgolosk on a nightly hunt is an instant status builder for any Barabel team and their clan.

Durgolosks on ExodusEdit

  • Rashrak is reputed to have taken down a durgolosk by himself. He also has a courier named the Durgolosk's Howl.
  • Skarrek has taken down a durgolosk despite his hunting team being ill-equipped to handle one. Ultimately Skarrek ended up dispatching the creature by himself with a well-placed force pike through it's skull.

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