The Fifth Sector Fleet was re-organized following the Battle of Corellia. Under the command of Rear-Admiral Savrek Wolfray, the fleet was posted to Corellia. Little did they know that they'd soon be fighting the Xen'Chi.

Due to severe fighter losses, many E-Wings and X-Wings were replaced by R-41 Starchasers and T-Wings, until fighter production peaks again.

The fleet was disbanded after coming to a stalemate at Corellia, and reformed into the Fifth Response Fleet.

Current Fleet CompositionEdit

Capital ShipsEdit


Notable SquadronsEdit

  • Eagle Squadron (E-Wings)
  • Blue Squadron (X-Wings)
  • Raider Squadron (B-Wings)


Command StaffEdit

  • Rear Admiral Savrek Wolfray (Formidable)
  • Commodore Dorgot Kiills (Audacious)
  • Captain Markos Hay (Tenacious)


  • Colonel Maya Nord (Formidable)

Fighter CorpsEdit

  • Wing Commander Ren Anstin (Eagle Squadron)

Notable AccomplishmentsEdit

  • None Yet

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