Until 17 ABY, the First Battle Fleet was the most experienced fleet in the Confederate Navy. In 17 ABY, it was replaced by the Confederate First Battle Group.


Shortly after the Fourth Naval Reorganization Directive had been issued, the Confederacy decided to go through with Operation Ghosthammer. Naval Command asked for volunteers for what would almost certainly be a suicide mission; over seventy percent of the navy personnel volunteered!

The resulting ships and crew were organized into the First Battle Fleet under the command of First Admiral Eshtemoh Cosimo. Comprising some 110 ships, the First Battle Fleet was ordered to commence Operation Ghosthammer. The Confederacy had entered the Xen'Chi War...

The First Battle Fleet was further expanded before the initial attack on Reecee, as a Jade Worlds contingent of eight ships and a Sandian contingent of some 100 ships joined the fleet.

The fleet achieved victories at Reecee, Bilbringi and Vortex. After Vortex, the Sandian contingent returned to Halcyon along with the Jade Worlds contingent. Thus reduced from ninety-eight to fourty-two active vessels, the First Battle Fleet set the course for Coruscant.

After meeting with Thrawn and agreeing on a common strategy, the fleet returned to Confederate space to be repaired and reinforced. Once there, the fleet was received makeshift repairs and was reinforced by the Super Star Destroyer Pallida Mors. After repairs and rest, the fleet assaulted Sistoone, cutting the supply lines of the Xen'Chi. The fleet then liberated the area between Sistoon and Reecee, before joining up with the Galactic Fleet under Grand Admiral Thrawn for the final battle at Chil'a'chin...

Most Recent Fleet CompositionEdit

Capital ShipsEdit


Lost VesselsEdit

Notable SquadronsEdit

  • Dark Knights Squadron (Thor-class Space Superiority Fighters) (Wisdoms Judgement)


Command StaffEdit


Fighter CorpsEdit

Notable AccomplishmentsEdit

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