Force Cloak
Common Affiliation






  • Physical Invisibility


  • Invisibility (mind trick)
Known Variations

Force Concealment

The Force Cloak is a rare ability that requires a mastery of the subject’s body and mind as well as a deep understanding of the very nature of the light spectrum. Simply put, it allows the user to bend light around themselves and become physically invisible to the naked eye.

Basic users often only concentrate on the visible light spectrum, but masters of this ability can extend their control into the infrared and ultraviolet ranges. Not to be confused with Force Concealment, the Force Cloak only hides the user visually. The cloak still leaves the user open to other senses and scanners that operate outside of the light spectrum.

The cloak is a difficult ability to use, even for those who have mastered it. It generally requires a lot of power and a lot of concentration. However, Forcers who specialize in stealth often are able to combine the cloak with Force Concealment to great effect.

An alternative form of the Force Cloak ability hides the user by affecting the minds of those around them in a way similar to the Jedi Mind Trick. The user can remove all traces of their presence from the mind of observers and move completely unnoticed while in plain sight. Because this form of the Force Cloak ability relies on the user's power to affect the mind of the observer, it is ineffective against droids or larger groups of observers/opponents.


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