Dooku Obi-wan grip
Force Grip
Common Affiliation

Dark Side





  • Strangulation
  • Immobilization
  • Levitation
Known Variations

Force Choke

Force Grip, sometimes called The Grip, is a technique by which a user of the Force uses telekinesis to forcefully crush parts of a target victim's body, killing them or rendering them unconscious. While similar to Force Choke, the primary purpose of Grip is to immobilize or control a target's movement; there are many occasions when choking the victim to death is secondary.

A crushing application of the Force, the Force Grip is an advanced level of Force Choke and can be used to levitate and strangle a target's internal organs. The target can be seized with great strength and subsequently lifted off their feet and suspended in air by a powerful user. It is possible to simply break the victim's neck, or to strangle them.

Those most experienced with Force Grip need only a live visual of their victim in order to perform the technique. Some use this provision as an advantage to escape the Grip's clutches by finding ways to obscure the user's vision. If one can't escape the sight of a Grip-user, the next best method is to disrupt the user's concentration. Often times a Force Push is the preferred method, but for those without access to the Force, blasting the user with a weapon appears to work just as well.

These solutions are both limited, however; those most powerful in the use of the technique can maintain concentration during a Force Push, and even more can control the Grip so well that the choked target isn't able to even draw their weapon.


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