Form I: Shii-Cho
General Information
Also Known As
  • Way of the Sarlacc
  • The Determination Form






Historical Information
Founding Date

By 4,000 BBY

Political Information

Inverse Shii-Cho


Various Force-using Groups

Exodus Information


"It is simple, and its simplicity is its strength."

Form I: Shii-Cho, the Way of the Sarlacc, or the Determination Form, is the first of the seven classic forms of lightsaber combat.

As the weapons technology of the lightsaber was developed, the need for a form of combat arose. Thus Form I was born. Shii-Cho is the most ancient style of lightsaber combat, developed by early Jedi Masters to incorporate key principles of ancient sword-fighting traditions.

One of the marks of contact, sun djem, was a goal of early Form I duelists, as disarming or destroying the opponents' weapons could ensure victory without causing injury, which is always a Jedi objective. However with the rise of Form II, sun djem became nearly impossible as Makashi duelists were well trained to prevent their own weapons being taken or destroyed.

Form I, like its succeeding forms, includes the following basic techniques and concepts:

  • Attack: A set of attacks aimed at different body zones.
  • Parry: A set of blocks to thwart any attack in the specified body zones.
  • Body Target Zones: (1 - head, 2 - left arm, 3 - right arm, 4 - back, 5 - upper left leg, 6 - upper right leg, 7 - lower left leg, and 8 - lower right leg)
  • Training drills called velocities.

During the Old Jedi Order, Younglings started out by learning Form I before beginning a Padawan apprenticeship with a Jedi Master. Their training included learning to deflect plasma bolts from training remotes.

Known Exodus Masters of Shii-ChoEdit


Younglings learning Shii-Cho.


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