This page refers to the planet Fuller, in the Fuller system.

Astrographical Information

Unknown Regions


Alpha Sector


Fuller System


1 (Destin)



Rotation Period

24 standard hours

Orbital Period

370 standard days

Physical Description








Primary Terrain

Grasslands, lakes, forests, mountains

Surface Water


Points of Interest
  • Presidential Palace
  • Confederate Senate
  • Black Star Military Academy
Societal Information
Immigrated Species
Official Language

Galactic Basic Standard

  • (before 18 ABY)~30 billion
  • (after 18 ABY) None

Fuller City

Major Cities
  • Fuller B (before 18 ABY)
  • Fuller C (before 18 ABY)
  • Fuller D (before 18 ABY)


Major Imports

Minerals, luxuries (before 18 ABY)

Major Exports

Trade Goods (before 18 ABY)


Black Star Confederacy

Exodus Information


Fuller was the capital planet of the Black Star Confederacy until 18 ABY. It was named after Ardon Fuller, the leader of the original human settlers.

After the Battle of Fuller in 18 ABY, it became a lifeless rock, scoured of life, interesting only to archaeologists and historians.


The planet of Fuller held the Presidential Palace, the Senate and the famed Black Star Military Academy, which trained the finest officers. It was heavily industrialized to the point where most of the planet was covered in cityscape.

Fuller was the home world of the Fulleri and the Capital World of the Confederacy. It had a population of 30 billion people, most of which were Fulleri. Most of the population worked in the factories or starports.

The planet had standard gravity, and average temperature was around 20 degrees Celsius. A Fuller day lasted about 24 standard hours, while a Fuller years lasted 370 standard days.

Fuller was the only planet in the Confederacy, that was not ruled by a Planetary Governor. Instead, the planet was ruled directly from the Senate and the Presidential Palace.


Fuller was colonized just over 2,000 years ago by human colonists, that had been swirved off course. They founded the Fuller Republic and settled the rest of the system.

Fuller was attacked several times during the 200 year long War of Lost Souls - a struggle between the Fuller Republic and the alien Decuri Empire, which cost thousands of lifes on each side with no real gains, but the attacks were all repelled.

When the Black Star Confederacy was declared at the end of the 30 year long Unification War - essentially a civil war between Loyalist Fuller and Decuu forces on one side, and Rebel Decuu forces on the other - Fuller was made Capital World.

Over the next thousand years, it was heavily expanded. Industry flourished, and as mining tools got better, the world was slowly stripped of its natural resources. The last few places still holding natural resources were declared Sanctuaries in 300 BBY, and mining operations moved to other worlds. By 100 BBY, the planet had become an ecumenopolis.

Fuller was an almost sacred place to the Confederacy, home to over 30 billion people, as well as the seat of government.

It was scoured of life in the Battle of Fuller in 18 ABY, and Decuu became capital world.

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