Ghrark Fyrebyrd
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

21 BBY

Date of Death

16 ABY

Physical Description





1.78 meters

Personal Information

Fleet commander



Political Information
Position / Rank


Former Affiliation
Current Affiliation
Exodus Information


"We may have lost the battle, but the war is far from over."
— Ghrark Fyrebyrd

Ghrark Fyrebyrd joined Blackthorne Enterprises under Cadden Blackthorne's employ as a tactician. Born on Balmorra, Fyrebyrd studied military tactics from a young age and grew up with a bright future ahead of him, until a battle involving the Rebellion cost his parents' lives. Uncertain of what to think, Ghrark decided against joining the Academy, and continued in the private sector, keeping his well-earned skills in check, so not to be noticed by the Empire. He grew a certain disliking for the Empire's way of doing things, and drew the conclusion that his parents died due to an Imperial decision. Whether or not that is true doesn't matter to Fyrebyrd.

He came into Blackthorne's employ at the early dawn of Blackthorne Enterprises' reincarnation in the Hoth System, and was given command of the Bulk Cruiser Grace. He was in charge of the ship up until a skirmish in orbit above Falleen, in which the Grace rammed into the Peacekeeper, a ship owned by the Falleen warlord Xzuhal, in order to capture the dreadnaught. Upon its acquisition and Xzuhal's death, Ghrark took command of the dreadnaught, later to be renamed the Conqueror.

Ghrark was only an admiral in terms of Cadden's personal employ. With the call to arms in Mandalorian territory, Ghrark became the admiral of the Mandalore Defense Force. However, his career was short-lived, as approximately one year after his commission among the Mandalorian ranks, during the Battle of Mandalore, the Conqueror sustained heavy damage. In a last-minute assault on the perceived flagship of the Mandalorian defenses, the Xen'Chi were successful in destroying the Dreadnaught, killing all onboard, including Ghrark.

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