Gregory Dreskul
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15 BBY

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Naval Officer



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Galactic Empire

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A young up and coming officer, Gregory Dreskul (15 BBY) is an officer in the mold of James Ardin. He was a bridge officer on the Cleansing at the end of Ardin's reign and considers the man his hero.

He rose through the ranks quickly, and eventually became first officer on the Cleansing. He is still young, but very patient and cautious. He is a thinker but is very resolute and when he must act decisively. He learned those lessons as a captain in Naval Intelligence, commanding the Wraith, a specially fitted Strike Cruiser for stealth missions.

During the Battle of Corellia he had his greatest decision, when ordered by Banner Ton to ignore the orders of the dying reborn James Ardin, Dreskul drew his pistol on Ton and refused his orders.

Instead of being court-marshaled, that brave act earned the respect of Grand Admiral Thrawn who moved him off the Cleansing and gave him command of the Imperial Mark II Star Destroyer Insidious. He was assigned to watch Loris space, where Imperial relations are strained.

However, he was quickly pulled back after it was clear Loris was not going to make an aggressive move and reassigned to Borleais to guard it from Xen'Chi attack. The plans were well thought out, but his fleet was overpowered and outgunned and he was forced to withdraw to Coruscant.

There he was re-assigned to work with Reng Kasr and Oremin in launching a counter-attack against the Xen'Chi. He worked directly with the leaders of Oremin to put Rogue Fleet together.

Using a captured communications node, Dreskul and Kasr's people managed to learn the location of the A'Shak Research facility, where GAIT was running the war. Dreskul helped lead the attack there, where the combined fleet destroyed the manufacturing facility. They also learned the location of the Xen Chi facility at Chil'A'Chin.

Dreskul served under Grand Admiral Thrawn at the battle above the Xen Chi homeworld. Commanding the Insidious and a battle group, he helped hold the Xen Chi long enough for the Chiss to arrive and help finish the battle. Also, unknown to anyone, he tacitly approved the release of Agent Crimson, a poison engineered to target the Xen Chi, by an Imperial Intelligence officer Trevan Prescott.

After the battle, Thrawn moved Dreskul to Naval Intelligence, where he helps run the organization from the Star Destroyer Insidious. His current task is to hunt down The Cult of the Shadow.

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