Hibernation Trance
Common Affiliation

Light Side






Imposed Hibernative State

Known Variations

Induce Sleep

The Hibernation Trance, or Jedi Hibernation, is an ability of a Force-user to go into a very deep hibernative state. This slows down the user's metabolism and breathing to a standstill. A fully trained Force-user can stay in this state for up to four standard days.

This can allow the user to survive in very hostile environments that they might not otherwise be able to in their normal state; albeit as an unmoving body. It can also delay the effects of serious wounds or injuries until they can be treated. Some creative users have also employed the Hibernation Trance to fake their own death and escape the notice of other Force users.

Very powerful users of this ability can put others into a Hibernation Trance, but this is rarely done outside of an emergency situation.


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