House Khan
General Information

Blood Worlds

Historical Information
Formed From


Founding Date

102 BBY

Other Information

Kartanin Dominion

Exodus Information


House Khan started out as a disgraced Kartanin noble house, exiled from Ardustaar during the formation of the Kartanin Dominion. However, they have expanded their ranks with exiles from other families; promising them a new name, and a new future as warriors.
They hold little regard for the teachings of the Temple of the Voice - they may follow a slightly differing variant of the Code of Honour, but they are hotblooded warriors - quick to take offense, and quick to attack for nothing but the thrill of battle. Most of them are racists, believing the Kartanin to be above other species as perfect warriors.

They prowl the Blood Worlds, raiding ships and colonies for supplies and sometimes even slaves, though they rarely take prisoners. They prefer kartanin vessels if they can get their hands on them, but seeing them with confederate, Jade Empire or galactic designs isn't a rarity. Most of their ships are small and quick, though a scarce few larger vessels up to an old Valankryt Destroyer have been witnessed.