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House of Muir
General Information

Tej Xer'li-Muir


Tej Sha'rn-Muir

Notable Members


Historical Information
Founding Date

c. 25,000 BBY

Other Information
Exodus Information


The House of Muir is one of the oldest noble houses on Bothawui. Founded a little after the formation of the Old Republic, the House has waged an incessant war against the other houses and against all those whose profession is the harvesting and implementation of information. The House's almost constant enemy has been another house on Bothawui, the equally old and venerable House of Morgan.

The House is currently led by Duke Tej Sha'rn-Muir.

Besides many other profitable ventures, the House controls the Muir Corporation. In order to better accomodate the bureacracy of controlling systems, the Muir Commonwealth was created, though it is truly administered to by the Corporation and the House. The House oversees all of the high level positions inside of the Commonwealth, and the Corporation, though there are some outsiders in a few of the positions.

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