Induce Sleep
Common Affiliation

Light Side





  • Deep Sleep

Advanced Power

  • Deep Sleep (multiple people)
Known Variations

Hibernation Trance

Exodus Information


Induce Sleep is an ability most commonly associated with the Light Side of the Force that forces a target to fall into a deep sleep for a set amount of time. It shares similarities with the Jedi Mind Trick and the Hibernation Trance in that it tricks another’s mind into believing that they are dead tired and in need of rest. More potent applications of Induce Sleep can also be used against stronger or more alert minds, but the Jedi is forced to overpower the target’s mind to make it work - which can tread dangerously close to the Dark Side.

Induce Sleep can be particularly useful for Jedi who wish to end or avoid a battle without causing harm to their enemies. Although it isn’t required for the power to work, touching the target’s forehead with a finger seems to enhance the power and suggestiveness of Induce Sleep. The stronger the user of Induce Sleep, the longer they can keep someone in the state of slumber. Particularly powerful Jedi can affect multiple people at once with this power.

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