Production Information

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Product Line



YT-2000 Light Freighter

Technical Specifications

29.4 meters


21.6 meters


9.6 meters

Maximum Acceleration

11 MGLT/s



Atmospheric Speed

1,020 kph

Hyperdrive Rating

Class 2

Backup Hyperdrive Rating

Class 12


180 SBD


94 RU


2 Dual Laser Cannon Turrets

  • 1 pilot
  • 1 1 co-pilot
  • 2 gunners
Minimum Crew




Cargo Capacity

110 Metric Tons


2 Months



Year Commissioned

12 ABY

Earliest Sighting

Corellian System

Latest Sighting


Present for Battles/Events

Jerik Blackthorne

Known Owners
Known Commanders
  • Cadden Blackthorne
  • Jerik Blackthorne
Known Crewmembers
Exodus Information


The Inferno, a standard-issue YT-2000, was purchased during the resurrection of Blackthorne Enterprises in the Udine System. Though Blackthorne Enterprises has since then been dismantled by Cadden Blackthorne, the ship remained registered as property of the company, but owned personally by Cadden Blackthrone. Unlike his other ships, the Inferno has no modifications whatsoever, and served as Cadden's cargo ship, as opposed to the Hellfire, which serves as his "business" ship. However, recently Cadden has given the ship to his sons, as the need for a cargo ship is nonexistent, as proven with the Hellfire's first modification.

The ship saw extensive use in its service time, participating in the Battle of Falleen and, later, the Battle of Taylon. Additionally, it has been to several locations galaxy-wide, including Mandalore, Taylon, Onderon, Nar Shaddaa, and Falleen.

Jerik Blackthorne later used the ship to travel to Onderon, after the Cult of Shadow attacked, to aid in recovery efforts. However, when he learned that Faarel Blackthorne was slain in battle through the methods of a Sith dagger, Jerik left the planet in a quest to hunt down and destroy the Dark Side wherever it resided.

He took the ship to Ronu II, whereupon his quest became his downfall. Now, the Inferno serves as Jerik's personal transport.


Originally intended as a personal transport for Blackthorne Enterprises, the Inferno was one of the key purchases to Cadden's original plan to claim Udine for his own. These plans went sour, however, and the ship remains as one of the only pieces of property to survive the selling of Blackthorne Enterprises property.

The ship was turned down by Blackthorne in favor of the Rogue Star, and subsequently used by Guan and Jerik Blackthorne up through the Falleen Rebellion movement. Afterwards, it found its way back to Mandalore, in Cadden's care, where it remained as his personal transport. The ship saw service during the Battle of Taylon, as Cadden used it to delay the Cylon Imperium landing forces from reaching the City of the Jedi.

Eventually, the ship was turned down once again in favor of other means of transportation, and Cadden gave it to his two sons. It resided on Taylon for some time, before Jerik took it to Onderon, after the battle that had occurred there. Once Jerik decided to start his crusade to hunt down the Dark Side of the Force, he took the ship to Ronu II, where it transitioned to his own when he was persuaded to join the Sith by the spirit of Darth Nefarious.

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