Jedi Shadows
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Unknown (ancient)


Ember Rekali


Jedi Temple (Ossus)

Historical Information

18 ABY

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Jedi Order

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The Jedi Shadows are a covert branch of the Jedi Order. Restored in 18 ABY by Grandmaster Adam Sage and Master Ember Rekali, the Shadows' history nevertheless stretches back many thousands of years. Their purpose is to hunt down things associated with the Dark Side of the Force, generally artifacts and locations. They then either destroy their targets or bring them back to the Jedi Temple at Ossus for cataloging and encasement in nullification resin. Jedi Shadows frequently employ stealth and significant combat training, and are expected to resist the lure of powerful Dark Side relics. In extreme cases, Force Light can be used to cleanse the taint from an artifact or location, but this is a rare technique among Jedi Masters. The Shadows' duties may also involve the hunting of Darksiders, especially fallen Jedi.

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