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1.83 meters

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Shadow Imperium

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Crimson Empire

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Kakon is a Nikto warrior, hailing from the planet Kintan. The last of the Morgukai warriors, Kakon traveled the galaxy as a mercenary for many years. He began his freelance work approximately five years after the Clone Wars ended, and worked for many organizations, typically the highest bidder. This often led him to terms with the Black Sun, the Hutt Crime Syndicate, and, of course, the Galactic Empire.

After the Battle of Endor, Kakon continued his work as a mercenary. The Imperial Remnant, no longer as rich as it used to be, only hired him on occassion. Once such time was when he was selected to hunt down and exterminate a Jedi Knight, who he and his apprentice were causing great trouble to the Remnant. While Kakon was successful in killing the Jedi Knight, it was at the cost of his right arm and several scars. However, the Knight's apprentice had managed to elude him. Since the bounty called for the Jedi Knight alone, Kakon let the man go, and collected his reward.

This mission caught the interest of Keldon Tyfus, leader of the mysterious Shadow Imperium, and Tyfus arranged for the Nikto's recruiting into his organization. Kakon was contacted, and he agreed. Shortly after his joining the Imperium's ranks, Vex Salder attained an interest in him, and trained him to be a member of the Crimson Guard. Kakon remained as a prominent member of the Crimson Guard for four years, before he opted to leave with the interest of reforming the Morgukai warriors, and recreating the famous Morgukai Shadow Army for the purposes and intent of adding to the growing Imperium ranks.

After he had successfully accomplished this task, Kakon was charged with forming the ground forces, through his Shadow Army, for a series of sieges against worlds opposite of the Corporate Sector within the Outer Rim Territories.

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