Kalja Valie Leidias
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4,032 BBY

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1.7 Meters

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Jedi Knight


Jedi Sentinel

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Form IV: Ataru

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Form III: Soresu

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Kalja Valie Leidias (4,032 BBY - 3,997 BBY, 7 ABY), not to be confused with Kalja Sairu Leidias, was a Jedi Knight during the time of Exar Kun and the Great Sith War. Like many female members of the Leidias Family, Kalja’s name was given to her in a tradition passed down through the lineage, and similar to the Kaljas before and after her, she more than lived up to her name.


Force PowersEdit

Kalja was an expert in many of the battle techniques known to Jedi at the time. Perhaps even more impressive though was that she had mastered the ability to become a Force Ghost, able to keep her form for centuries without apparent difficulty and still exert some amount of influence over the living world, such as suppressing the Schrai and sealing in the Sith spirits that supported them.

Lightsaber FormsEdit

As a very active member of the Jedi Order, Kalja became an expert at Ataru, using her natural energy and exuberance to aid her in battle. She was, however, well versed in Shii-Cho and Makashi to round out her battle technique. She was in the process of learning Soresu before dying to stop the Schrai.


  • Singlebladed Lightsaber

Kalja used a singlebladed lightsaber with a blue Mephite Adegan crystal. Her lightsaber would eventually come into the possession of her descendant, Kalja Sairu, who then passed it on to Reave Hevren as a sign of her faith in the young man.


Considered a bit of a rogue cannon in her day, Kalja nonetheless was a respected Jedi and served the Jedi Order well. She fought many battles against the Sith with a mix of determination and recklessness that made her a very tough opponent to figure out.

In addition to being given the Mystic Aura after helping the Aing-Tii Monks defeat a splinter group within their order, there was one other major act that made this Kalja so notable. She was responsible for defeating a group of Sith and sealing away their spirits in their own temple before they could add their alchemically created soldiers, known as the Deadly, to Kun’s army.

Unfortunately, Kalja would not survive the encounter and would be forced to watch over the temple she had sealed as a spirit in the Force. Only when her descendant, Kalja Sairu, arrived on the planet centuries later would Kalja Valie know peace. Guiding her successor, the two Kaljas were able to exorcise the Sith spirits and remove them from the temple, in the process trapping the remaining Deadly inside.

Considering her last mission completed, Kalja Valie Leidias’ spirit disappeared into the Force knowing that her family line was in good hands.

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