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180 cm

Hair Color

Blackish purple

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Sith Apprentice


Jedi Guardian

Current Masters

Tol Reban

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Mastered Lightsaber Styles

Form II: Makashi

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Baronetess of Ulmo

Former Affiliation

Minari Order

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Katya was a member of the Sith Covenant. She later became a member of the Sith Enclave, holding the title as Baronetess of Ulmo.

As ruthless and sinister as her mentor, Tol Reban, Katya was also a staunch advocate of using manipulation to achieve her goals.

Description Edit

Katya had long blackish hair, pale skin, and cold blue eyes. She usually wore a comfortable black robe, wristwraps, black gloves, black pants and black boots, and carried a single lightsaber with a crimson blade.

Biography Edit

Katya was born on Dathomir, but was abducted by Yeurl at the age of 3. Yeurl groomed her to be his successor, and when he recruited Tol Reban, Katya was assigned to him. At ruthless and cruel as Reban were, he was also an excellent teacher, and Katya soon became an accomplished warrior.

When the Triumvirate failed, Yeurl took Tol Reban and Katya to Roon, where he inducted them into the Sith Covenant - the organization he truly served...

The CovenantEdit

Katya remained the apprentice of Tol Reban, a unique situation within the Covenant.

Her first mission went to the planet Pzob, but she and Tol found no trace of the "advantage" that Darth Obscurus had mentioned, and returned empty-handed.

After a mission on the planet Camden, she was taken as a Sith Apprentice by Yeurl, but remained under the tutelage of Tol Reban. After Reban became a Sith Knight, her apprenticeship transferred to him.

The EnclaveEdit

After the formation of the Sith Enclave, Tol Reban became the Baron of Ord Radarna. As his apprentice, Katya was offered a region of the world to govern as her own. She choose the moon of Ulmo, and was created Baronetess of Ulmo.


Katya as Darth Krul

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