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"The Jedi have used the lightsaber as their weapon of choice for so long for a reason. In the right hands, a single lightsaber can be more powerful than a battalion of soldiers. The sight of its blade can rightfully cause your opponent to surrender before a fight even starts."
— Tulsar Leidias

Kejusu, or the Sabermaster Form, is perhaps one of the most complicated lightsaber styles in the galaxy. Created by Tulsar Leidias after he had become proficient in the seven classic lightsaber styles, Kejusu is designed to be a seamless mesh of the moves and philosophies behind five of the seven forms. It can also easily incorporate variations on traditional dueling such as Jar’Kai.

Shii-Cho and Niman are the only classic forms excluded from Kejusu; each for separate reasons. Shii-Cho is considered too basic and Niman akin to a watered down version of Kejusu. However, practitioners of Niman often have an easier time grasping the structure of Kejusu since both forms are similar in concept. In addition, while Vaapad is considered a classic form, Kejusu only incorporates its base style of Juyo since Tulsar felt that Vaapad was too dangerous to use.

Even though it has no new moves of its own, only transitions, Kejusu is called the Sabermaster Form because it instead teaches already skilled duelists the best ways and times to switch between one form to another. The speed and skill in which masters of Kejusu can make their moves flawlessly change from one style into the next often ensures that they quickly end up controlling the fight.

Often these reflexes are perfected to such a degree that the lightsaber, or lightsabers, seem to work independently of the will of the user. The moves become so ingrained into the body that they grow to be as natural as breathing, with the body and mind working independently but together in the fight. A finely honed sense of Battle Precognition is also required for any serious Kejusu user. It is the ultimate goal of all Kejusu users.

Kejusu requires the utmost dedication to the lightsaber and its various forms. Studious and continuous training is a way of life for the Kejusu user. One slip and the style will see the user losing a limb or worse to their opponent or to themselves.

Kejusu is somewhat unique in that lesser versions of Kejusu can be taught for those who haven’t learned the five necessary classic forms, instead only using a few of those forms to create the same effect. While they can be considered users if they successfully learn the Sabermaster Form, only those who have can use all five classic forms are allowed to call themselves masters.

Known Masters of KejusuEdit

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