Kinsuj Inkstu
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14 ABY

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1.76 Meters

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2 Lightsabers

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Order of the Night

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Early Life and TrainingEdit

Not much is known about Kinsuj Inkstu, unless one was from his homeworld or from the organization that he was a part of. He was born on Konst, a rather unknown planet, but one that was home to the Order of the Night. Shortly after his birth, one of the members of the group sensed his Force signature and ventured out from the Order's base and into one of the cities on the planet, locating him and taking him from his parents, through Force. One of the first things that Kinsuj remembers seeing, aided through the Force, was the murder of his parents. As he got older, Kinsuj received tutelage in the ways of the Force, according to the Order's perspective of it. He went into the Students guild of the Order, and progressed through it rapidly. One of his teachers, and one of the foremost instructors to him, was the membre who had killed his parents and taken him for the Order. The other was a Zabrak, the leader of the Order of the Night, Kaydren Jinn.saheer is ab

Loyal to his Shaiton, when Kaydren and he used to speak on what his future would be within the Order, Kinsuj was honored to find out that Kaydren considered him someone who could replace him one day as the Shaiton and the leader of the Order of the Night. When Kaydren asked him to join the Warriors Guild instead of the Assassins Guild like Kinsuj had been thinking of doing, the young man did it immediately.

Upon joining the Warriors guild, Kinsuj was made an Adept, despite being much more powerful and already advanced in his training, simply because it was the way the Order was run. He had to request a specific mentor, or he needed an older member of the Warriors guild to select him as a pupil. Kaydren didn't want to select him, because he didn't want there to appear to be favoritism. However, there was nothing wrong with the man who had brought Kinsuj to the Order selecting him, and that was what happened.

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He took over the organization after Kaydren returned to the Light side of the Force and left. He continued to grow the group until they came under attack from the Hellfyre and the group was ruthlessly destroyed.

He was killed in the battle by Katra Kos.

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