Lancer Heavy Bomber
Production Information

Marrak's Military Armaments




Subcapital Ship


315,000 Credits

Technical Specifications

42.2 meters

Maximum Acceleration

16 MGLT/s



Atmospheric Speed

800 kph


55 DPF

Hyperdrive Rating

Class 1


256 SBD


128 RU (0.5 meters Ablative Armor)

  • 2 Laser Cannons
  • 3 Ion Cannons
  • 6 Dual Laser Turrets
  • 2 Turreted Concussion Missile Launchers
  • Internal Bomb Bay (50 hardpoints)
  • 11 Crew
    • 1 Pilot
    • 1 Co-pilot
    • 1 Bombardier
    • 1 Navigator
    • 1 Flight Engineer/EW Officer
    • 6 Gunners
Cargo Capacity

750 kg


Heavy Bomber


Marrak's Military Armaments

Exodus Information


The Lancer Heavy Bomber provides heavy, deep strike capability at the fraction of the cost of a capital ship and is more than able to defend itself from starfighter attack. A notable absence amongst the arsenal of most militaries is the heavy bomber. Many chose to forgo the construction of such craft, choosing instead to either send capital ships or swarms of lighter fighter/bombers. Marrak's Military Armaments has decided to resurrect this type of craft, pointing out that capital ships are expensive and standard fighters sometimes lack the range for deep strikes, necessitating a carrier craft.


The Lancer qualifies as a subcapital warship instead of a fighter. At over 42 meters long, it dwarfs most standard fighters and is nearly twice the length of a Skipray Blastboat. It carries heavy armor and shielding, but is not particularly nimble or fast. Part of the reason is that the bomber, in addition to standard plating, is armored with a layer of super-dense capital-ship grade ablative armor. This type of armor was originally designed for use on armored vehicles and walkers and has since been upgraded for use on capital ships. The extra protection allows the bomber to take a few turbolaser hits in one location without catastrophic loss of hull integrity.

The bomber has a crew of eleven; a pilot and co-pilot; a bombardier, who controls the craft's offensive arsenal; a navigator; a flight engineer, who doubles as the electronic warfare officer and also serves as a gunner; and six gunners that man the bomber's various turrets.

To protect the huge craft from attack, designers added eight turrets, six containing dual laser cannons and two containing concussion missile launchers. The laser cannon turrets can either be manned or computer controlled, though accuracy suffers while in automatic control. The concussion missile turrets are remotely controlled by the flight engineer. The turrets enable the bomber to protect itself from almost every direction. Two more laser cannons and three ion cannons are fixed forward and are controlled by the co-pilot. An internal bomb bay holds the bomber's offensive weaponry, with fifty hardpoints, arranged on rotary launchers, for ordinance or equipment. The payload enables a single squadron of bombers to carry more firepower than eight squadrons of X-wings or four squadrons of B-wings.

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