Laro dorlans are the main source of currency inside the Laro Order. Dorlans come in the standard denominations that are in practice by the galaxy at large.

Before the forming of the Order and the establishment of the dorlan, each planet in the Laro system had its own form of currency which would differ in value depending on where in the system they were spent. With the dorlan now in place, those planetary currencies have been deemed invalid and are now only valuable to collectors.

The three principle planets of the Laro Order (Laro Prime, Rolan, Oris) have their own form of the dorlan, but their value remains the same anywhere in the Order no matter what planet a particular dorlan was minted at. The differences between the dorlans are artistic only, with each of the big three printing a picture of their world on the back of the dorlan as a show of pride.

The standard Imperial or New Republic credit is also good in the Laro Order.

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