Lost Ones
Political Information
Type of Government


Head of State
  • Admiral Stukven Herks'ross
  • Commodore Kyil Oer'woers
  • Admiral Stukven Herks'ross
  • Commodore Kyil Oer'woers
Societal Information
Official Language

Galactic Basic Standard


Galactic Credit

Historical Information
Date of Establishment

20 BBY

Date of Dissolution

15 ABY

Policy Information
Exodus Information



Early HistoryEdit

The Lost Ones was a four system pirate government located in the Ogriand Sector that has been around since the Sector's colonization. It had seen the rise and fall of the Ogriand Empire, the Eldari Ascendancy, and the Sector itself. The pirate government had designed a unique type of missile and missile defense system that allowed it to strike with near impunity in the Ogriand sector. Priding itself on these abilities and designs, the pirate government was a force to be reckoned with.

The MuirEdit

In the beginning of 15 ABY it began a series of attacks on Muir convoys and trade routes inside of the Ogriand sector. They had reasoned that since their attacks had worked so well against the Ogriandians and Omega Shipyards in the past, the same would hold true now. They didn't realize that the Ogriand level of technology had been increased and that a standing navy was present in the different systems of the Muir Corporation. Their initial attacks were disastrous to the Muir and extremely effective, as the Muir hadn't seen the attacks coming and even more importantly, had no way to combat the Lost Ones' missile technology.

It would take time and loss of life and ships before the Lost Ones were eventually put down, their systems absorbed into the Muir Corporation.

Lost Ones NavyEdit

The Lost Ones Navy sported a variety of ships and fighters.

Capital ShipsEdit

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